The Arbor War

The trees remember. They are very unhappy with us.

The Dragon Slayer

A knight attempts to rescue a princess.

The Word Thief

An old man notices strange changes between the covers of his books.

Esperanza’s Last Stand

The zombie apocalypse has reached suburbia.

Low Orbit

In space, no one can hear you haiku.

Happily Ever After, Without Parole

Cinderella finds herself on trial for murder.

Morning Sickness

A vignette about ending an unplanned pregnancy.

The Court Historian

There is a hall, 1000 doors long and several levels deep, secure within the side of the Nameless Cliffs; the rugged, twisted rocks boring deep beneath the flesh of the verdant land, sculpted by no mortal claw, but only the slow erosion of wind and water, the interplay...

#1 – Poisonous

The worst thing about PTSD is that it makes you feel poisonous.

#2 – Tranquil

Life with cats.

Test Post

this is only a test

Test Post

this is just a test to try out my layout